Enrolling Now for the 2021-2022 school year

Registration open until August 18 2021

Let the Journey Begin

6 Spots available for the Elementary Program

Young Learners ages 7-12 will begin a Hero's journey of self directed learning where they will discover their passions and callings by engaging in hands on quest throughout the year.  These quest are part of "Learning to Be" where they  become scientist, explorers, engineers, designers, detectives, and more!  Our Hero's will learn how to set goals, challenge themselves, and track their progress on core skills such as reading, writing, and math.  The Elementary years are a time for exploration and curiosity, fueling a life-long love for learning!

4 spots available for Middle School Program

Learners ages 12-14 will continue on a Hero's journey of self paced mastery and self directed excellence.  Our mission is to provide the opportunities for our Hero's to take charge of their own education. We encourage these bright, motivated learners to explore their passions and create real world solutions to big problems through quest and apprenticeships.