2021 - 2022 Schedule


At the core of every day you will find freedom within structure. While our students have a firm daily schedule, every day is different because of the broad offerings of new subject matter and opportunities to explore provided by our projects and Quests. A typical school day starts with an inspiring or enlightening launch discussion, followed by a significant block time for students to work on core skills (about 90 minutes). Students have flexibility to move about and learn wherever and however they are most comfortable.

During that time they will typically offer and seek assistance to their fellow learners and Guides. Learners can also take breaks as needed, snack or drink as needed, and generally govern their time and effort to best support their personal learning. Our students are very respectful of the daily schedule and plan their day accordingly. Activity breaks are scheduled for the morning and afternoon. Typically we have a large block of time in the afternoon focused on our current project, as well as smaller blocks of time in the morning or afternoon for exploration into art, music, history, and other special subjects of interest to the students.


2021 - 2022 Calendar

We offer year round schooling with multiple breaks throughout the year, including two short summer breaks. 

1st Day of School        August 23 2021

Labor Day                  September 6, 2021

Fall Break                  November 22 - 26 2021

Winter Break             December 20 - January 7 2022

MLK jr Day                January 17, 2022

Spring Break             April 18 - 22 2022

Summer Break          May 23 - June 3 2022

Independence Day     July 4th 2022

Last day of School     Aug 5 2022



Daily Schedule

  • 8:00am  - 8:30am    - Students arrive/Game

  • 8:30am  - 8:45am    - Elementary Launch

    • ​​with Socratic Discussion

  • 8:45am  - 9:00am    -  Middle School Launch

    • with Socratic Discussion 

  • 9:00am  -  9:30am   - Core Skills 

  • 9:30am  -  10:00am - Small BREAK

  • 10:00am-  11:00am - Core Skills 

  • 11:00am-  12:30pm - Lunch and Free Time

  • 12:30pm-  12:45pm - Afternoon Launch 

  • 12:45pm-  1:30pm   - Project Time

  • 1:30pm  -  2:00pm   - Small BREAK

  • 2:00pm  -  2:30pm   - Eagle led Art/DEAR

  • 2:30pm  -  2:45pm   - Eagle Talks/Town Hall

  • 2:45pm  -  3:00pm   - Studio Maintenance

  • 3:00pm  -  3:15pm   - Reflections/Dismissal

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Core Programs used at Acton Academy Baton Rouge:  


Khan Academy


Beast Academy

Art of Problem Solving






Reading/Language Arts:


No Red Ink

Read Theory