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Create amazing things with us this summer!

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Summer Sessions

Session 1 - June 1 - July 2

Acton Academy is all about play based learning; where we use hands on activities to foster a love for learning and encourage curiosity. Our summer program will be filled with these such activities. Our year-round students will still have time to work on their core skills while the bulk of our day will be spent working through Quest, Writing Workshops, and Civilization with lots of free-time built in. We are offering limited spaces for our summer only enrollment, CLICK HERE to view enrollment options. Below is a brief summary of the activities and focus of our Summer Session 1. This is a 5 week session with a Holiday observed on July 5th. Drop off starts at 8am and dismissal is at 3:15pm. Before care and After care is available if needed. You can view more details about the daily schedule and Calendar HERE.

Quest: Architecture and Design

  • Eagles go through the process of designing a building:

  • research, design (drafting/sketching)

  • construction (model building).

The goals of this quest include:

  • Introduce the Eagles to architecture as a calling and the heroes who chose it

  • To inspire a love of design and creation, and to instill a deeper understanding of process and the importance of knowing when to follow instructions and when to take your own path.

  • Eagles will learn about architecture as a calling, scaling and applied mathematics, precision and attention to detail, and working within creative constraints.

Writer’s Workshop: Letters to a Hero

  • Eagles write a long, formal letter to a hero of their choice, expressing gratitude, finding common ground, and seeking a response. The goals of this Writers’ Workshop are to encourage Eagles to discover more about their heroes and to explore the different backgrounds and origins of heroes in order to further understand that heroes come from everywhere.

  • Eagles will go through the writing process of: Prewriting, Drafting, Revising, Editing,, Publishing:

Art: With a focus on Architecture/Design, each week we will create the following:

  • Week 1: Mixed Media

  • Week 2: 3D Paper Techniques

  • Week 3: Paper Mache

  • Week 4: Sculpture

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