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Create amazing things with us this summer!

Session 2 - July 6 - Aug 6

Acton Academy is all about play based learning; where we use hands on activities to foster a love for learning and encourage curiosity. Our summer program will be filled with these such activities. Our year-round students will still have time to work on their core skills while the bulk of our day will be spent working through Quest, Writing Workshops, and Civilization with lots of free-time built in. We are offering limited spaces for our summer only enrollment, CLICK HERE to view enrollment options. Below is a brief summary of the activities and focus of our Summer Session 1. This is a 5 week session with a Holiday observed on July 5th. Drop off starts at 8am and dismissal is at 3:15pm. Before care and After care is available if needed. You can view more details about the daily schedule and Calendar HERE.

Quest: Cartography

  • On this quest, Eagles become modern-day Magellans: cartographers and explorers attempting to circumnavigate the globe. Along the way, Eagles collect clues that lead them on a trip to a final destination (a field trip within the community).

  • Eagles travel in their imaginations to each continent, where they deeply explore a country of their choice and listen to folktales from the region.

  • Eagles are tasked with three main goals on their mission around the world:

  • As explorers, they will complete a World FactBook to unlock the clues to their final trip. Each day of this quest, they’ll travel to a different continent. On each continent, they’ll choose a country to learn more about and they’ll complete a page in their FactBook.

  • As cartographers, they will complete detailed maps of a continent of their choice. Their maps will include all the countries within the continent and important locations, such as cities, landmarks, and sites of historical significance. They’ll use Montessori map materials to create their maps.

  • They will complete “voyages”—mini challenges—at each stop, which will help them improve their skills as cartographers and explorers and will earn them points.

Civilization: Ancient Times Part 1

The First Nomads

  • Intro to Archeology digging

  • Cave dwellings and paintings

The Early Egyptians

  • Hieroglyphics

  • Pyramids

  • Mummification


With a focus on Cartography & Ancient times, each week we will create the following:

  • Create our own cave dwelling

  • Create our own cave paintings

  • Coded messages using Hieroglyphs

  • Pyramids and Tombs

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